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Travelvice is a conglomeration of three content management systems, interspersed with independently created static pages. There is currently no single perfect way to search for content on the Internet, and Travelvice is not an exception.

Google is my search engine of choice—having found better content results from Travelvice with them than other services—but Google is far from perfect. The search engine has a hard time cataloging the hefty amount of photos and captions contained within the Snapshots photo gallery (currently managing upwards of 6,000 individual photo-pages and text).

Missing content in Google's archive of Travelvice is my rational behind offering visitors multiple search methods. When searching for a specific topic, such as "sandboarding in Peru", I invite you to try some of the more granular content searches (provided by the alternate search mechanisms integrated into this site).

It's my desire to one day have solid, unified, search for Travelvice, but until then, please accept the options above as my best effort to help you find what you're looking for.

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